Gunman for Hire Accidentally Kills Wrong South Carolina Man

Greenwood, SC

On September 21, a Greenwood, South Carolina, man was sentenced to 40 years in prison after a woman hired him to killed her husband. Adding to the tragedy, the man he killed turned out to be the wrong one.

The gunman, Tavirous Settles, pleaded guilty to Circuit Judge Frank Addy and received the “negotiated” sentence in return.

According to WYFF, Karlita Phillips hired Settles to kill her husband Dale Phillips Jr., but Settles “mistakenly shot and killed Jamil Phillips, the brother of Dale Phillips Jr.”

Karlita Phillips received a life sentence for soliciting the murder of her husband.

In April, Settles was convicted of killing “Prudencio Chiquin Sis during a robbery” and received a sentence of 45 years without the possibility of parole. Sis was walking home when Settles “shot [him] twice in his chest and stomach, and twice in the back, and left [him] to die in the street near the Carolina Pride manufacturing plant in Greenwood.”

The 40-year sentence for Phillips’s murder will run concurrent with the sentence for Sis’s murder.

Eighth Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo commented on the sentence:

I am glad that the Jamil Phillips’ father, mother and brothers have hopefully walked into the courtroom for the last (time) to hear the horrific details of this case replayed. They are a very special family and have shown a tremendous amount of courage and grace throughout this process. We will continue to work diligently alongside law enforcement to bring justice down upon violent criminals like Tavirous Settles and remove them from our communities.

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