Mexican Official Suggests Lethal Injections for the Homeless and Mentally Ill

Homeless in Mexico
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A Mexican politician became the target of criticism after she recently asked if giving a lethal injection to the region’s homeless and those with psychiatric ailments was a better option than letting them run wild. The comment was made by Olga Gutierrez de Machorro, a public official in the Mexican town of Tecamachalco Puebla. The public official ironically heads up the group tasked with caring for the indigent, Mexico’s SinEmbargo.Mx reported. 

“Sometimes I ask myself, would a lethal injection be better? Than to just leave them there so for them to walk down the highways and make their way to the towns” Gutierrez said in Spanish during an interview that has gone viral in Mexico.

The comment has led to outcry form various organizations denouncing her callousness and calling for Gutierrez to be fired from her job

As reported by SinEmbargo.Mx, the comment was made during an interview about the lack of shelters and social programs for the homeless and also for those with psychiatric ailments that would allow them to be re-inserted into society.

Gutierrez said that a psychiatric hospital in the city of Puebla called El Batan at night releases non-dangerous homeless individuals who wander along the highway and at times get in the way of traffic.

“They are crazies but not aggressive,” Machorro said in Spanish.

The public official claimed that it was a better option to put down those individuals than to release them out on the streets where they would likely be struck by a truck or a car and create legal problems for the drivers.

“Because we have angel wings but in those cases it is a difficult situation,” she said speaking about using lethal injections in Mexico.

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