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Mexico Brazenly Distorts Stats, Claims Crime is Low

Mexico’s top federal officials brazenly distorted crime statistics this week to claim that kidnappings had drastically decreased in March. That same month, Mexico had two separate cases of mass kidnappings where cartel gunmen forcibly took approximately 90 people in the states of Nuevo Leon and Sinaloa.

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Mexican Cartel Running Call Centers to Scam U.S. Citizens Out of Millions

One of Mexico’s most violent cartels is running a series of call centers that target U.S. citizens in order to scam them out of millions. The scam points to the ongoing diversification by criminal organizations, which have been moving into more traditional schemes, including racketeering and fraud. In at least one case, this scam is linked to the murder of a U.S. citizen from Arizona.

One-Ring phone scammer

GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Kill 17 Rivals in Mexico, Torch Their Bodies

Authorities in the coastal state of Guerrero are trying to downplay a shootout where at least 17 cartel gunmen died, and several bodies were incinerated. The mass killing comes as Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continues to claim to have decreased violence and ended criminals acting with impunity in his country.

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Mexican President Admits Cartel Released Kidnapped Migrants, Confirms Breitbart Reporting

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was forced to admit that the Gulf Cartel released a group of 32 kidnapped migrants — dismissing previous government claims that police and military forces had rescued the group. The statements by Lopez Obrador confirm details first published by Breitbart Texas, revealing that officials with the Tamaulipas government and the federal government had tried to take credit for the release of the migrants.

United States President Joe Biden meets with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Me

Mexican Government Celebrates Gulf Cartel’s Releases of 31 Kidnapped Migrants

Mexican authorities are trying to take credit for rescuing 31 migrants that the Gul Carte kidnapped last weekend. In reality, the criminal organization dropped them off at a shopping center so authorities could find them. The “rescue” follows days of negative press at the national level in Mexico, causing tension and pressure within the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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Journalist Claims Authorities Won’t Investigate Censorship by Mexico City Officials

A Mexican journalist claims federal authorities are refusing to investigate her complaints about intimidation and attempts at censorship by government officials in Mexico City. The allegations of censorship by high-ranking government officials come at a time when several press freedom organizations continue to label Mexico as one of the deadliest countries for journalists.

Mexico City Governor Claudia Sheinbaum and spokeswoman Paulina Silva

Top Mexican Political Operator Charged in Mayoral Candidate’s Murder

Mexico’s ruling party faces a major controversy following the arrest of one of their top political operators.  Prosecutors charged the man with being one of the masterminds behind the murder of a mayoral candidate. The arrest caused an apparent rift between federal and state politicians from the MORENA party over claims that the case is a political maneuver.

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Exclusive: Murdered Cartel Member Allegedly Tied to Mexican Border State Governor’s Campaign Funds

A recently murdered drug distributor in Mexico was the key owner of a company that is under investigation for funneling funds into the campaign of the governor-elect of the border state of Nuevo Leon. The campaign funds went to the same politician whose family was previously exposed by Breitbart Texas as allegedly having embezzled millions from a former leader of the Gulf Cartel.

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Mexico Ranks Third for Coronavirus Deaths

Mexico climbed to number three in the world in the number of people who died from COVID-19. This as Mexican health officials claim to be making progress in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. While Mexico had more than time than other nations to prepare for the virus, health officials claim that the high number of fatalities is simply because people are fat and eat junk food.

A worker digs a grave in a section of the Municipal Cemetery of Valle de Chalco opened two

Cartel Video of Armored Paramilitary Unit Puts Mexican Government in PR Damage-Control Mode

Mexico’s top security official is trying to downplay a cartel-produced video purportedly showing an armored paramilitary unit. The unit includes a large contingent of cartel gunmen wearing high-end tactical gear and posing by what appears to be dozens of factory-made armored trucks and SUVs. The release of the video comes just one day after Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador visited the region.

Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion leakes video showing what appears to be a paramilitary arm

VIDEO: Mexican Protesters Light Cop on Fire

Riots erupted in Western Mexico where protesters set fire to one police officer and physically clashed with several others. Rioters also set fire to multiple police vehicles. The incidents were not over the BLM protests in America, but to protest the death of a local day laborer who was allegedly killed by police for not wearing a coronavirus mask.

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Mexico Stops Giving Estimates of the Coronavirus Pandemic’s True Scope

Mexican health officials stopped providing weekly estimates of the number of cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) that provide what they believe to be the true reach of the pandemic. Instead, officials are simply providing the daily number of confirmed cases. Mexico has only carried out 65,500 tests nationwide, while other countries have tested their population in much larger numbers.

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Mexican Governor Says Federal Health Officials Are Lying

A Mexican governor called out federal health officials for lying to the public about “non-existent” health care centers, sub-par protective equipment, and assurances that only place the public at risk. The harshest criticism to date comes as other governors called out federal health officials for claiming all is well in regard to the spread of the novel-coronavirus (COVID-19).

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