Donald Trump Talks Concealed Carry: ‘I Feel Much Better Being Armed’

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During the October 11 airing of Face the Nation Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump talked about his concealed carry permit, the fact that he personally carries a gun from time to time, and the importance of allowing law-abiding citizens on college campuses to be armed for self-defense.

Asked about his concealed carry permit, Trump said he got one “years ago” and that he did it because he “likes to have himself protected.”

When host John Dickerson asked Trump if he actually carries gun on his person, Trump made clear that he does on occasion and explained that so doing is way not simply to keep himself safe but those around him as well.

He drew on the recent heinous attack in the gun free facilities of Umpqua Community College to explain, saying, “Had they had, as an example, for the horrible thing that just took place in Oregon, had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would have been better.” And he added a statement focused on armed teachers, saying, “I think if you had an [armed] teacher…you would have been a lot better when this maniac walked into class and started to shoot people.”

Dickerson took time to ask Trump if everyone should get a concealed carry permit and Trump said, “That’s up to them, but I’ll tell you I feel much better being armed.”

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