Hammer Control? Man Allegedly Tries to Beat Woman to Death with Hammer

Police Photo
Police Photo
Janesville, WI

On October 12, police arrested 28-year-old Michael C. Hadley for allegedly attempting to kill a woman by beating her with a hammer. A “domestic abuse enhancer” was added to the charges as well.

The incident occurred in Janesville, Wisconsin, around 12:45 p.m.

According to WISC News 3, the Janesville woman said she walked into her bedroom and saw Hadley standing there with a hammer. Hadley then allegedly struck her in the back of the head with the hammer and “told her he was going to kill her.” The woman eventually fell to the ground and says that Hadley continued to beat her even after she fell.

The woman was able to “scoot” into the hall at some point and heard her 2-year-old daughter asking if everything was okay. Hadley allegedly paused the attack when he heard the child’s voice, and the woman was able to get away. She said she “was able to grab her daughter and run out of the house.”

The woman told police Hadley allegedly struck her “six to eight times.” She was taken to a hospital for her wounds.

Police report that Hadley “smelled strongly of intoxicants and had dried blood on the front of his shirt.” His “blood alcohol concentration was measured at 0.43.” A measurement of .08 is considered legally intoxicated in relation to operating a motor vehicle.

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