Trump Critic Glenn Beck Offers to Host GOP Debate

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley
AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

Politico explains that Glenn Beck is offering to host a GOP debate:

In a letter sent to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday, Beck, a former Fox News host and founder of conservative media company The Blaze, said his debate would reach a large block of conservatives in the country who have otherwise felt “excluded” from the Republican Party.

“Our plan is straightforward,” Beck wrote in the letter.“ Rather than being moderated by journalists who ask all the questions, I will host, and I will invite the greatest new conservative thinkers and media voices in America to prepare and ask questions live and by video. Our panel will offer the candidates an opportunity to discuss substantial issues of importance with authentic answers that are thoughtful and elevating to the entire party.”

Last week, the RNC suspended its relationship with NBC, which had been scheduled to host the debate in February. The GOP campaigns had planned to send a joint letter to hosting networks with a list of demands, but now candidate Donald Trump is planning to strike out on his own and negotiate directly with the networks, The Washington Post reports.

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