Breitbart News Daily: Donald Trump Will Be ‘The Terminator’ of ISIS

Al Bello/Getty Images
Al Bello/Getty Images

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is vowing to “terminate ISIS.”

The candidate took a page from the film career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, his successor as host of The Apprentice, during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily. Trump told host Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon he won’t stop at ISIS. He also promised to terminate Obamacare.

Bannon asked Trump what his first actions would be as commander-in-chief in the first 90 to 100 days.
“Overall, I’d start we’re going to get new health care, we’re going to terminate ISIS . . . we’re going to terminate the order along the border, there’s so many things within that first hour there’s so many things that I can do,” Trump told Bannon.

“Number one, we’re going to terminate Obamacare…we’re going to repeal it, we’re going to replace it,” he said.
“We’re going to go after ISIS like you’ve never seen before,” Trump added.

Trump also said that, unlike President Obama, he would focus on creating large and effective international coalitions.

“We’re going to form a group, [an international coalition of countries in the free world]. You know the one thing we’re not doing properly, because Obama doesn’t form coalitions, he just doesn’t form coalitions. It’s hard to form a coalition. We already have NATO, we’re going to get bigger than NATO, we’re going to add additional [countries to the coalition],” he told Bannon.

“We have to terminate ISIS. We have to get them out,” Trump said.

“I would hit ISIS so hard, and a couple of things we have to do. We have to demean them. I started to telling you about calling them ‘the mastermind behind an attack.’ What’s a mastermind? Guys go into a theater and they start shooting people. That’s not a mastermind. That’s not like what I would say is a mastermind. These people are animals. You can’t call them masterminds,” Trump emphasized.

“I’m watching these things on television. They’re building these people up so much. We have to tear them down from that stand point. Psychologically and otherwise,” he noted.

He added that the so-called “master-mind” of the Paris attacks was actually just “a punk.”