Rep. Gohmert: Obama Policies Let Terrorists Into Country, Must Acknowledge Radical Islam Problem


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says President Obama needs to accept that radical Islam is a problem and that his immigration policies have left the the U.S. open to attacks.

Gohmert took issue Thursday with Obama’s calls for gun restrictions in the wake of the attack in San Bernardino that killed 14 people.

“That just galls me to no end,” Gohmert told Stuart Varney on the The Fox Business Network Thursday.

While people are being killed in San Bernardino, the president is out there pushing his gun control agenda. When the fact is he, by his own actions has left our borders porous. We have people pouring into the United States illegally. We know that refugees – at least 12 this year have been named – as terrorists, that were approved under this refugee program given asylum, given citizenship and then turned out to be terrorists.

Gohmert recalled two Iraqis refugees who were resettled in the U.S. who were later discovered to have been involved with killing American soldiers and ended up pleading guilty to terrorism charges in 2011.

“We know this president has allowed terrorists to come into our country,” he said.

The Texas lawmaker stressed that Obama’s policies have allowed terrorists to get into the country and that his call for gun control adds insult to that injury.

“He has the gall to allow this country to be infused with terrorists and then says, look, I have all of these terrorists among you, and we can’t let them buy guns, so you’re going to have to give up your Second Amendment rights,” Gohmert said.

“How about instead, if the president does his job to protect Americans before from all enemies foreign and domestic, get his head out of the hole or wherever it is and acknowledge that Radical Islam is a problem,” he added.