Report: Black Man Yells ‘F**k White People,’ Attacks Bystander with Machete


A New York City man in Toronto is charged with attempted murder after reportedly yelling an obscenity against whites, then attacking a man on the street with a machete.

From CBC News:

A man has been charged with attempted murder following what police call an unprovoked attack on another man near Toronto’s Eaton Centre Wednesday afternoon.

Arlington Thompson, 35, also faces charges of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon. Police say the man had a 30-centimetre machete, which he allegedly used in the attack. Police say the man also had a 20-centimetre hunting knife. Police now have both weapons.

A witness, Terence Yip, who works in technological support and maintenance for CBC, told CBC News that he was heading south on Bay Street when he heard yelling. He said one man was swinging at a man who was holding a guitar. Yip said a woman was yelling for police. He said a lot of people were in the area at the time.

Yip also tweeted that the attacker, a black man, yelled “F–k white people” before allegedly attacking the victim, who is white. He said the alleged attacker’s machete was “probably the length of my arm. It was pretty big, a substantial weapon.”

Yip said the man being attacked was on his back defending himself with his legs, while the man with the machete was swinging the knife at the man’s legs.

“I’ve never seen anyone openly attack someone like that,” said Yip. “It was extremely aggressive to the point where it was obvious that it was an attack.”

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