Exclusive: Anti-Trump Skywriting Campaign Blocked at College Football Championship

anti-Trump skywriting Michael Owen BakerAP
Michael Owen Baker/AP

An attempt to spread multiple anti-Donald Trump messages in the sky ahead of the NCAA Championship football game between Alabama and Clemson has been blocked, according to the millionaire funding the campaign.

After successfully trolling billionaire candidate Donald Trump at the Rose Bowl with skywriting messages, Alabama millionaire Stan Pate began making plans for a similar campaign at an even bigger event.

This time he wanted to troll Trump at The National College Football Playoff Championship.

In an exclusive interview with Brietbart News, Pate indicated that plans for the campaign were set in motion and the planes were transported to Glendale, Arizona. The plan was to spread the message across the sky in the afternoon for people tailgating and lining up outside the stadium for the game. But hours before the campaign went live, representatives from AirSign got word from their legal team advising them to shut it down.

Pate says a representative from AirSign told him that one of their biggest clients threatened legal action if they went live with another anti-Trump campaign using the digital skywriting system that they used at the Rose Bowl.

Pate was bitterly disappointed in the news, as he was excited to replicate the success of the first air campaign at the beginning of the year. He said he was up early at 3:30 a.m. this morning planning out a list of messages he wanted to send in the air.

He shared with Breitbart News his top 20 list of messages that he had sketched out:

1. America is Great. Trump is Disgusting

2. anybodybuttrump.us

3. Trump believes his own lies

4. Trump is morally bankrupt

5. Is Trump mentally stable

6. anybodybuttrump.us

7. Bush, Carly, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Kasich, Mike, Paul, Rubio followed by anybodybuttrump.us

8. America is Great. Trump is Disgusting

9. anybodybuttrump.us

10. Trump believes his own lies

11. Trump is morally bankrupt

12. Is Trump mentally stable

13. anybodybuttrump.us

14. Trump believes his own lies

15. Trump is morally bankrupt

16. Is Trump mentally stable

17. anybodybuttrump.us

18. Hilary’s dream is Trump

19. America is Great!

20. anybodybuttrump.us

But AirSign informed him that until they resolved the situation with one of their clients they would not be able to proceed with the campaign. Emails and phone calls to AirSign representatives were not returned.

Pate said GEICO was behind the legal threat and threatened to pull their contract with the skywriting company if they didn’t stop their campaign, which earned AirSign an enormous amount of media attention.

“It was the best response they’ve ever had to their company air signs by multiple times … they got unbelievable exposure,” Pate said.

He theorized that perhaps Warren Buffet, who owned GEICO, was a Hillary Clinton supporter who wanted Trump to win the nomination.

Because of their action, Pate admitted that his air campaign plans were finished. He also had plans to target the Super Bowl in February but was convinced that it would also be unsuccessful.

“It’s not a speed bump, it’s dead,” he said, signaling disappointment.

But he indicated that he was not finished with his messaging war with Trump and had some other ideas for spreading his message.

“You’ll see it,” he said. “I’m involved and I’m going to stay involved.”