Bernie Beating Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire

AP Photos

Hillary Clinton is now losing the Democratic race to Bernie Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

A stunning new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday afternoon shows Sanders beating Clinton in Iowa, 49 percent to 44 percent.

And a separate Monmouth poll released Tuesday shows Sanders ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire, 53 percent to 39 percent.

The Sanders Surge comes on the heels of news that the FBI is expanding its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal to also investigate whether public corruption occurred, and powerful new revelations about Clinton’s health and medication consumption.

Sanders is picking up the support of white Democratic voters, whom polls show are fleeing Clinton in favor of more independent-leaning candidates like Donald Trump.

In Iowa, Sanders beat Clinton across the board on issues including how best to handle the economy (51 to 39) and climate change (51 to 32), and he’s still beating her overall despite the fact that Clinton is way ahead of him in the poll on the issue of terrorism. White progressives less concerned with foreign policy are now firmly in Sanders’ camp.

As Breitbart News reported, Sanders has set up a staggering ground operation in central and eastern Iowa, largely on the backs of unpaid student labor.

Even onetime Clinton family consigliere George Stephanopoulos admitted that Clinton appears to be “bracing” for defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The reason seems to be white voters.

A new Reuters poll shows Republican Donald Trump leading Clinton among white voters nationally, 44.2 percent to 27.3 percent.

Trump also leads Clinton among whites with college degrees, beating her 46 percent to 23.5 percent.