ABC’s Stephanopoulos: Clinton Camp Seems to Be ‘Bracing for Losses’ in Iowa, NH

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos said the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is “bracing for losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Stephanopoulos said, “It has come so close in Iowa, Donna. It looks like a real race in Iowa, a real race in New Hampshire”

Donna Brazile said, “I’ve been to both states, George, let me just tell you, there is a Bernie Sanders is running a textbook campaign. Twenty-eight offices across the state. I run Iowa so I know a little how to win there. He has 101 field staff. More importantly he has advertisement and he has momentum. He is trying to do what President Obama did in 2008 and try to get young voters and disaffected voters and non non-traditional Democratic voters to join him in his cause and it is a cause.”

Stephanopoulos replied “The Clinton campaign seems to be bracing for losses in Iowa and New Hampshire and still hope they can pull out Iowa, but you hear a lot of talk hows a delicate fight and will take a long time. ”

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