Poll: Only 7 Percent of Voters Want State of the Union to Focus on Guns

Obama State of the Union Mark Wilson Getty
Mark Wilson/Getty

A Morning Consult poll released on January 12 shows the two biggest things on the minds of registered voters headed into the State of the Union are fighting terrorism and fixing the economy.

According to the Morning Consult poll, 26 percent of registered voters want to hear about fighting terrorism “by combating the Islamic State,” and 20 percent of registered of voters want to hear about “improving the U.S. economy and creating jobs.”

The third thing registered voters most want to hear is “clear direction and leadership for the country”–this came in at 13 percent–and the fourth largest group of registered voters were those with “no opinion,” which totaled eight percent.

Fifth was a tie between healthcare and “reducing gun violence,” both of which ranked as “most important” for eight percent of registered voters.

It is interesting to note that 55 percent of registered voters told Morning Consult they “disapprove” of the job Obama has done as president. Only 42 percent approve of the job Obama has done.

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