Carly Fiorina: Hillary Clinton Escaped Prosecution ‘More Times than El Chapo’

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Charleston, SC

CHARLESTON, South Carolina — GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina compared Hillary Clinton to El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord who has escaped prison several times, and responded to self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently leading Clinton in polls.

“Well both of them offer a progressive vision that’s bad for America,” Fiorina told Breitbart News when asked about her reaction to Sanders’ poll numbers.

“At least he’s been consistent in his belief,” Fiorina said of the self-declared socialist Sanders. “Hillary Clinton has escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo, honestly, she’s dishonest. But both of them play an insiders game and what we need now is an outsider–a real outsider to take our country back.”

During her town hall at Charleston Crab House, Fiorina met with voters and took jabs at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and fellow GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Fiorina said Trump is the ultimate insider, as is Hillary Clinton, adding that Clinton should be in the “big house” and not the White House.

She also took a swipe at Cruz saying citizens can’t take their country back by electing a politician that says one thing in New York and another elsewhere. Fiorina was referencing a report by Politico that Cruz spoke differently about whether or not traditional marriage would be a priority to him during a fundraising event in New York, despite Cruz previously saying that opposition to gay marriage would be “front and center” for his campaign.