Illegal Immigrant Suspected In Heinous Spokane Crime

File Photo: Associated Press
Spokane, WA

Co-founder of Respect Washington, citizen journalist Craig Keller, tells Breitbart News Daily about the ongoing trial of an illegal alien drug dealer who’s charged with shooting, killing and burning David Whitman in Spokane, WA.

Whitman was allegedly involved in drugs himself.

Via NBC Spokane:

The trial for a man accused of kidnapping and murdering a Spokane man is underway in federal court. Jury selection began Monday morning.

Spokane Police believe Domingo Valdovinos-Navarro murdered 30-year-old David Whitman in a drug dispute.  Court documents show Valdovinos-Navarro pointed the finger at his uncle. Police believe Whitman was shot to death. His burned body was found in rural Stevens County back in 2014.

There has been scant coverage of the heinous act in major media. The Spokesman-Review does seem to be providing some coverage.

Seven people have been implicated in a grisly homicide discovered near Long Lake in Stevens County last week.

Police recovered the burned corpse of a man thought to be David Whitman.

Stevens County Coroner Patti Hancock said she could not make a positive identification.

Detectives said Whitman had been beaten with a baseball bat, shot multiple times, and then doused in gasoline and set on fire.

One by one, the suspects in the kidnapping and killing of Whitman appeared in Spokane County District Court on Monday afternoon.

Witnesses said Whitman was killed because fellow alleged drug dealers said he owed them large debts and stole drugs.

Police learned of the death through a confidential informant, then interviewed a woman last week who said she was Whitman’s girlfriend. She said she’d gone with him to an address near the intersection of West Knox Avenue and North Maple Street on Feb. 28, where she saw the home’s owner, Joe Gillespie, hit Whitman multiple times with a baseball bat. The beating followed a dispute with the two alleged drug dealers, Dillon Casteel and Domingo Valdovinos, and a third man, Benito Baldovinos-Mendoza.

The interview with Craig Keller can be heard below: