Donald Trump: ‘Probably Won’t Be Doing the Debate’ with ‘Third Rate Reporter’ Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Fox ( L) Donald Trump NBC
Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said he “probably won’t be doing the debate” on Thursday night and called Fox News’s Megyn Kelly a “lightweight” and a “third rate reporter.”

“Let Fox play its games,” the real estate mogul added.

“I think she frankly is not good at what she does,” Trump told reporters at a press conference before his campaign rally in Marshalltown, Iowa on Tuesday night, adding he “probably won’t be doing the debate”  hosted by Fox News.

Trump said he may be doing another event simultaneously with the debate to raise money for veterans.

Trump has called for Fox News to remove Kelly as a debate moderator because he said she wasn’t fair to him in the first debate.

“What’s wrong over there?” Trump questioned about Fox News, asking what games is Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, playing.

“Most likely, I won’t be doing the debate,” he added.

Trump said he came to Iowa prepared to do the debate, but after Fox News sent out “wise guy press releases” about it, “I said bye-bye.”

He said he’s done six debates and the online polls show he’s won all of them. “The Republicans go on forever…with the debates,” he added. “It’s time somebody plays grown up.”

He added, “Let me make the wounded warriors rich,” and the veterans – not Fox News.

“This country needs somebody that’s a deal maker,” Trump stated. “They’re not dealing with a baby, so we’ll see.”