Steve King Refuses to Answer Whether He Has Any Evidence Trump Bought Palin’s Support

immigration Rep. Steve King

On Monday afternoon, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) refused to directly answer whether he had any evidence whatsoever that Donald Trump bought former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

In a Monday appearance on left-wing MSNBC of all networks, King asserted that Palin sold her endorsement to Trump. CNN’s Jake Tapper said “that’s an explosive charge” and asked, “do you have evidence of this?”

King never gave a reply. Tapper, who will never be mistaken for the late Tim Russert, never pressed him and let him ramble.

Instead, King said he was directly responding to a question about why Palin may have supported to Trump. King said he still believed that Palin’s ideology align’s more closely with Cruz and insisted that he did not want to get in a fight with Palin. He said he knew that Trump could be “persuasive” and talked about his “star factor” and “resource factor.” He said that when “asked a direct question, I give as direct an answer I can.”

But when Tapper directly asked him about whether he had any evidence, King never answered the question.

While introducing Trump at a Cedar Rapids event, Palin blasted King by saying King’s lie is ““why people don’t really like politics,” which people rightfully think is a “dirty business” where people say things they know are untrue.

“Why would a good conservative like Steve King want to say something he knows isn’t true?” Palin asked. “That doesn’t sound like the heartland of America.”

Palin accused King of having “Potomac fever” and said maybe he has forgotten his heart in the heartland. She even said perhaps King has been “huffing ethanol” in the corn fields.

Palin said the only promise Trump made to her was to “make America Great Again.” She made it clear that she endorsed Trump because he is in the perfect position to “tell the Washington good old boys that the status quo is going to go.”Palin said that both political establishments are in “such a panic” because Trump will put them out of business and told the audience that when both political establishments hate you, “you know America loves you.”