Ben Carson Says Pundits Will Be ‘Shocked’ with Iowa Results: ‘We Are Climbing’

Ben Carson
The Associated Press

Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and Republican candidate for President of the United States, cited his latest double-digit poll numbers when stressing that much media is ignoring his rise in Iowa.

The latest Des Moines Register poll shows Carson in fourth place in Iowa, with 10 percent of likely voters saying they will support him. He remains within striking distance of Sen. Marco Rubio, who sits in third place at 15 percent.

We are climbing,” Carson told CNBC Monday morning. “There’s a tendency for a lot of the media to ignore me. But the people are not ignoring me,”

The retired neurosurgeon warned of a bleak future for America if the country were to elect a dismal leader.

“Here’s the thing people are not paying attention to: This generation is the first one in the history of America not expected to do better than their parents. And that’s the beginning of a trend,” he said. “People say it’s the new normal. But there’s nothing normal about it, and we shouldn’t expect it,”

Carson remains insistent that his campaign was built to go the distance.

“We have stuff on the ground all over the country. We have very much prepared,” he told CNBC.

In a separate interview with MSNBC on Sunday, Carson predicted that “pundits are gonna be shocked” about his Iowa results.

“I don’t have to read the Scripture to know that,” he said after attending services at Oskaloosa’s First Assembly of God.

The Carson campaign has rolled out what it has dubbed a “mobile domination” ad blitz on YouTube and Google, seeking to bring Iowans out to their caucus locations.

“We’re looking for a complete domination of mobile in Iowa,” Ken Dawson, the head of digital marketing for the Carson campaign, told the Wall Street Journal. “A lot of these folks have never caucused before and this could provide a last little push.”

Carson hopes to utilize his  massive presence on other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, where he has over 5 million fans on the former platform and 1.1 million followers on the latter.

“As President, I will wage war against Radical Islamic Terrorism, passionately defend our Constitution, secure our national borders, and revitalize our national economy. I hope the good people of Iowa will consider caucusing for a candidate that will be uncompromising in upholding these values,” he wrote on Facebook Monday afternoon, just hours before the Iowa Caucus results come in.