Donald Trump: Believing in God ‘So Important,’ Evangelicals ‘Really Do Get Me’

Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told the audience that “believing in God [is] so important,” adding that evangelicals “really do get me.”

“I’ve been in Iowa now for a long time… the evangelicals have been unbelievable to Donald Trump,” the real estate mogul told his supporters during his rally in Waterloo, Iowa on Monday. “Boy, do they understand me.”

Trump added, “They understand me better than anybody.” Trump has held a slight lead in the polls among the evangelical base.

He said that Christianity is “under siege” and vowed to protect it as President of the United States.

His daughter Ivanka also took the stage.

“The reception has been so warm,” Ivanka said, adding that her father has created a movement. She said he will create change, adding, “It’s been what he’s done his whole life.”

“Come out tonight… and caucus for Donald J. Trump,” she urged as she exited the stage.

Trump awarded another $100,000 check to a wounded veterans organization, something he has been doing at his rallies since he held a fundraiser for veterans on Thursday night where he raised $6 million dollars.

Americans for Independent Living, based in Waterloo, Iowa is an organization that modifies homes for wounded veterans received their check during the rally.

Trump also told his supporters that on day one as President of the United States, he would end gun free zones on military bases so fast “your head will spin.”

He also stressed that loyalty to America is important, adding, “You want loyalty in the country.”