Dr. Ben Carson: Hillary Clinton ‘Not Fit To Serve As President Of The United States’

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks at a campaign event at Fireside Pub and Steak House on January 31, 2016 in Manchester, Iowa.
Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson says Democrat Hillary Clinton is not fit to serve as President of the United States, because she’s put American lives at risk and the country’s national security in jeopardy.

“We need to do more to strengthen our country’s protection of national security information, and her poor judgment in this and several other instances certainly shows me that she is not fit to serve as President of the United States,” Carson tells Breitbart News, responding to the recent news that the State Department deemed 22 of Clinton’s emails from her private server “top secret” and that those emails won’t be released.

“Cyber security remains one of the biggest challenges facing our country today,” Carson continued.

Even under the best cases, our classified information is under constant attack. That’s why Hillary’s private email server is so troubling. There is no excuse for housing even unclassified government information on unsecured servers, let alone our most classified and important information.

“She has put American lives and national security at jeopardy, and she should be held fully accountable,” Carson concluded.