Investigative Reporter Can’t Find Single Marco Rubio Voter Outside Rubio Rallies in NH

Associated Press
Associated Press

Matt Fuller writes in the Huffington Post: 

DERRY, N.H. — Admittedly, a Jeb Bush townhall and a Chris Christie restaurant visit are bad places to look for Marco Rubio voters.

And yet there I was, practically begging New Hampshire voters to tell me they had been leaning toward a GOP establishment candidate, but were now lining up behind Rubio to take down Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

“What do you make of the argument that establishment Republicans need to get behind Rubio because he’s the only one who can beat Trump?” I asked, over and over, in some form or another, feeling as if the Rubio campaign should probably start paying me.

But in spite of my most flawed interview techniques, I was getting an interesting answer.

Sorry, New Hampshire voters would say, knowing they were stepping all over mytidy little narrative.

Rubio’s too inexperienced.

He’s too immature.

I want someone who’s been a governor.

Maybe in four years.

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