UPDATE — Frank Luntz Denies Wall Street Journal Report He Will Meet with Michael Bloomberg on Presidential Run

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to the Economic Club of New York in what is being billed as his last major speech as Mayor of New York City on December 18, 2013 in New York City. Bloomberg, who is down to his final two weeks in office after 12 …
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UPDATE: Frank Luntz has denied that he will meet with Michael Bloomberg. The Wall Street Journal removed the following reference to Luntz from their original report:

Mr. Bloomberg is expected to meet with Frank Luntz, the pollster and market researcher, this week, according to a person familiar with the matter.


Gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg will reportedly meet with pollster Frank Luntz this week to discuss a possible White House run.

The first CBS New York/AP reports about a possible Bloomberg presidential run began swirling on January 23. The initial reports were bolstered by a January 25 story in which anonymous sources close to Bloomberg claimed he was willing to spend $1 billion in an attempt to win the White House. On February 8 Bloomberg confirmed what the sources had been saying when he told the Financial Times he is weighing “all the options” for a presidential run.

Now The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports Bloomberg will meet with Luntz, ostensibly to see how numbers would stack up if he enters the race.

Bloomberg aides say the February 9 New Hampshire wins by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders “boost” the chances that Bloomberg will throw his hat into the ring.

Steven Schmidt–senior adviser to Sen. John McCain during the 2008 campaign–hints the time is right for Bloomberg. Schmidt says the candidate field is “weak” and that “there’s a big opening in the middle of the electorate” that Bloomberg could step through.

But WSJ points out that Bloomberg’s brand is not without its blemishes, and his reputation for being “fiscally conservative” is sitting in the shadow of his outspoken support for myriad new gun controls. After all, Bloomberg-funded gun control groups were at the forefront of the 2014 push for universal background checks in Washington state and his best known gun control group–Everytown for Gun Safety–is bankrolling efforts to place universal background checks on the backs of law-abiding Nevadans now.

If Bloomberg does he enter the race, he apparently plans to run as an Independent.

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