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Pennsylvania State Rep. Jamie Santora (R-163)

Pennsylvania Republican Pushing Ban on Private Gun Sales

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jamie Santora (R-163) is pushing a ban on private gun sales nearly identical to the ones Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action pushed in Washington state, Maine, and Nevada.

Paris Terror Attack-Reuters

France 2015 to Present: Strict Gun Control a Paper Tiger

The strict French gun control that makes it extremely difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves has proven little more than a paper tiger when it comes to prohibiting terrorists and public attackers from acquiring the guns they need to kill innocents.

Fresno shooter Kori Ali Muhammad (Fresno PD via AP)

Strict California Gun Control Impotent to Stop Fresno Attack

When Kori Ali Muhammad allegedly opened fire in Fresno on Tuesday, he not only killed three innocents, but also demonstrated anew that California’s litany of gun control laws poses no hindrance to determined attackers.