Ben Carson to Senate: Don’t Allow Obama to ‘Diminish’ Antonin Scalia’s Legacy

Ben Carson
The Associated Press

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson released a statement Saturday on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, urging the Senate not to “allow President Obama to diminish his legacy by trying to nominate an individual who would carry on his wishes to subvert the will of the People.”

“Given the dire condition our democracy currently finds itself under Obama’s ideological agenda, I call on the Senate to stop any attempts to fill this crucial seat until We The People elect a strong Constitutionalist this November,” Carson said in a statement.

Carson also praised Scalia for his work.

“In an age where it is popular to subscribe to a ‘living Constitution’ and during a time when political and judicial leaders prefer legal decisions that are politically convenient, Justice Scalia always dutifully carried out his responsibilities to interpret the law, not to make new ones,” Carson said.

“Time and again, he ruled based on where the black letter of the law led him, not according to the politics of the moment. For that reason, he has angered Americans on both the left and the right, but he has never wavered in his dedication to the Constitution.”