Post-Debate SC Poll: Trump Leads with George W. Bush Fans

Donald Trump Five (Joe Raedle / Getty)
Joe Raedle / Getty

How many wish-casting narratives launched against Donald Trump by the GOP Establishment and DC Media need to be soundly humiliated before this nonsense-ploy of fabricating realities that don’t exist finally comes to an end? After Saturday’s South Carolina debate, where Trump went hard after former President George W. Bush, again and again we were told by Our Betters that Trump had doomed himself because  “South Carolina this…” and “South Carolina that…”

Well, according to one South Carolina post-debate poll, all that wishful thinking has once again been humiliated by what happens in the real world outside the Exclusive Bubble. According to PPP, not only is Trump still leading by a wide margin in South Carolina, he is leading among George W. Bush fans:

There’s been a lot of speculation that Trump might take on water after attacking George W. Bush on Saturday night, and Bush is relatively popular with 64% of voters seeing him favorably to 25% who have an unfavorable opinion. But despite his comments Trump is still leading even among voters with a positive view of GWB- he gets 26% to 22% for Cruz, 20% for Rubio, and 10% for Jeb Bush. And Trump is dominant with the swath of voters that doesn’t like George W. Bush, getting 57% to 12% for Kasich, and 11% each for Cruz and Rubio.

The poll also shows that Trump sits at 35% support, a full 17 points ahead of second place Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who are tied up at 18%. John Kasich earns 10%. Jeb Bush and Ben Carson each sit at 7%.

It is fair to question the results of any poll, but another post-debate South Carolina poll shows Trump with an even larger lead of +19 points.


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