Former Mexican President Vicente Fox: ‘I Will Never Apologize’ to Donald Trump

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox speaks May 30, 2013, in Seattle.
AP /Elaine Thompson

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says he will not apologize for the language he used to attack Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposed Mexico-funded border wall.

“No way. No way,” Fox told the Washington Post in an interview Thursday evening. “I will never apologize. He has offended Mexicans, and he’s the one who should apologize.”

Earlier in the day, Fox responded to Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for a wall along the southern border in an interview with Jorge Ramos on Fusion TV.

“I’m not going to pay for that f—ing wall!” Fox was quoted as saying.

Trump has demanded an apology from Fox for his profanity, both on Twitter and during the GOP presidential debate in Houston, Texas.

Not only will he not apologize to Trump, but Fox added that the Republican Party should “demand from him respect” for Mexicans, the Pope and Muslims.

“The Republican Party has let this go too far. It’s ridiculous,” Fox told the paper.

The former Mexican president added that Republicans in the United States have told him they are “ashamed” of the Republican frontrunner.

“I tell them, open your eyes, please,” Fox said. “Listen to what he is saying. This is a very shameful situation for the United States as a nation and for the Republican Party.”