Wayne LaPierre: Obama Knows ‘I Would Clean His Clock’ In A Debate On Guns

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

During his March 3, CPAC speech, NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre said President Obama is avoiding an invitation to debate because he knows LaPierre “would clean his clock.”

He talked about how Obama taunted the NRA for not attending CNN’s January 7 gun control Townhall, which the NRA derided as a White House PR stunt. LaPierre used his CPAC speech to turn the tables on Obama and taunt him for avoiding a one-on-one debate on guns and gun rights in America.

LaPierre referred to Obama as a “liar” and “a political coward” who only discusses guns and the Second Amendment in settings where he can control the questions and the audience. He added, “President Obama, he’s never going to debate me on guns. His knowledge on that issue wouldn’t fill a thimble and he knows it. I would clean his clock and he knows it.”

Breitbart News previously reported that LaPierre also called out Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton during his CPAC speech. He said she “couldn’t pass a polygraph” yet wants to the set a gun control litmus test for future Supreme Court justices.

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