Overflow Cruz Crowd in Peoria ‘Never Sat Down’

Cruz Rally Peoria @SamanthaJoRoth

Overflow crowds in Peoria greeted 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz on his third of five Monday rallies in Illinois the day before Tuesday’s pivotal primary elections.

Cruz commented that republican frontrunner Donald Trump “may be the one person on the face of the planet Hillary Clinton can beat in a general election” according to political reporter Rosie Gray.

Cruz mentioned Cook County politics, garnering boos from the crowd in reference to Chicago, Illinois. He slammed Trump over donations to politicians such as the disgraced and imprisoned Rod Blagojevich, the Cook County Democratic Party, and Rahm Emmanuel.

Journal Star reporter Chris Kaergard recounted Cruz’s comments comparing himself to former President Ronald Reagan in telling the crowd how he will treat the military in contrast to President Obama, whom he compared to former President Jimmy Carter. Cruz’s key message, according to Kaergard, was that he is the only candidate that can beat Trump and then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the fall. Cruz also hit on the three key issues of jobs, freedom, and security.

In dealing with one protester, Cruz said to be respectful. Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek posted that the protester repeatedly told Cruz to go back to Canada and waved a Trump sign as he was escorted from the venue.

Cruz seized the opportunity to try to differentiate himself from Trump saying, according to this post:

Rally attendee VK posted online of the Cruz crowd: “The crowd never sat down for 40 minutes.” As the rally came to a close, Huffington Post reporter Samantha-Jo Roth posted a similar message, as well as video of the packed cheering crowd.

Many tweets remarked on and showed some of the crowd that showed up to see Cruz in Peoria:

The attendees seemed particularly enthusiastic over Cruz comments that America will stand unapologetically with the nation of Israel:

Cruz’s father, pastor Rafael Cruz, visited East Peoria just four days ago. He heralded his son as someone who will not compromise on his principles in Washington, citing the senator’s conservative voting record, according to WMBD radio. Attendees told the outlet that they found the event informative and that they were looking for a change, and someone who will obey the Constitution.

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