HuffPo: Donald Trump Is the Visigoth at the Gates of America’s Capital

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

From Howard Fineman writing at The Huffington Post:

Not since the fifth century has a Germanic leader arrived at the gates of a fearful imperial capital with an offer of peace and the threat of mayhem.

Sixteen centuries ago it was a Visigoth named Alaric, who, backed by an army of Germanic tribes and former slaves, marched on Rome. He got the locals to hand over all of their wealth in tribute, then laid waste to the city anyway.

This week it is Donald the Orange, descended from the German Drumpfs, who arrives in the imperium of Washington to get a better sense of how messy — even bloody — it will be for him to become emperor of the United States.

The current occupant of that office, President Barack Obama, has vacated the city with his family for an annual educational trip abroad for his daughters, timed to spring break at their Washington private school, Sidwell Friends.

And in comes Donald Trump.

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