Owners, Staff at Utah Restaurant Open Carry to Support 2nd Amendment

Kilt and Carry KSL News
KSL News

Tony and Monika Siebers own Ogden, Utah’s Sea Bears Fish House, a Scottish-themed restaurant where the staff wear kilts and openly carry handguns.

Monika says they evolved to carrying openly while they were going through the process of acquiring concealed carry licenses. She said she started carrying her pistol in plain sight and customer responses convinced her and her husband that carrying that way gave them an opportunity to talk to customers about the importance of the Second Amendment.

According to KSL, customers invite such discussions by asking Monika why she carries or why she views carrying as “so important.” She answers those questions by focusing on the importance of being free people in a free country. Monika said, “I think part of what we love about what we do and the country we live in is that we have the freedom to choose what we want to do.”

Tony said, “When law-abiding citizens carry, it protects all of us.”

The Siebers’ “22-year-old twin sons” also openly carry at the restaurant. And Tony pointed out that between the guns and the kilts, there is always something to talk about. He said, “It opens up conversations with customers about whatever, whichever topic that they want to discuss. Whenever customers come in we either get when they say ‘Can I ask you a question,’ we know it’s either about the kilt or the firearms.”

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