Transgender Activist Claims Bias in Walmart Bathroom


A 22-year-old Connecticut woman posted a video to social media claiming she was accused of being transgender and was cursed out by a woman in a Walmart bathroom

Aimee Toms of Naugatuck, CT, claims she was accosted by a female shopper at a Walmart in Danbury, and mistaken for a man pretending to be a woman. Toms, who said she is also a “transgender advocate,” and is also “cisgender” – meaning not transgender — does not provide any video of the incident.

She insists the shopper came up behind her in the Walmart bathroom and said, “You are not supposed to be here! You need to leave!” Toms said the woman then told her she is “disgusting” and then stormed out of the washroom.

In a video posted to Facebook, Toms says she thinks the stranger yelled at her because she wears a short, bobbed hair cut.

The young woman said she was incensed to be a “victim of transphobia as a cisgender female.” In her post, she added, “If it really takes me pulling up my shirt and showing someone I grew these boobs myself for them to leave me alone in a restroom, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Her post has been viewed over 60,000 times, and has been publicized by numerous media outlets.

However, the young woman presented no proof that the incident actually happened and she apparently did not alert the store to the incident.

Her claims matches the talking-points of gay activists who for years have insisted that many people have interacted with transgender people without knowing it.

At one point in her video, Toms insisted to her audience that most people have met a transgender person without knowing it “Now, I don’t know if many of you know this, but you’ve probably used the bathroom with somebody who is transgender before,” she said.

But various estimates say the number of transgender people is very few, and comprises somewhere between one in every 330 Americans or one in every 2,400 Americans.

The activist Facebooker also went on to claim many transgender people have been assaulted in bathrooms and even killed “because of who they are.” These are also claims that don’t seem to have much basis in truth.

In fact, some of the stories reported as discrimination or even “hate crimes” against gays and people of the LGBT community have turned out to be “hate hoaxes.”

The most recent such story found a gay pastor from Austin, Texas, admitting that he was not telling the truth when he charged bakery workers at a local Whole Foods outlet of writing a gay slur on a cake he ordered.

In another case a lesbian couple in Tennessee reported that their garage was lit on fire and an anti-gay slogan was spray painted on the side of their home. Investigators soon discovered the whole thing was a hoax and was an attempt to commit insurance fraud.

Then there was the story of a lesbian waitress in New Jersey who insisted a customer left a nasty, anti-gay note and no tip. The story made national headlines and prompted gay supporters to send the woman thousands of dollars because she was a “victim” of anti-gay hate. But later the waitress admitted she made the whole story up.

Many of these hoax stories have occurred on college campuses where activist students have claimed some form of discrimination or another in incidents that were later proven to have been built on false claims.

On top of all that, according to the FBI’s 2013 hate crime statistics, only 33 people in the whole country were “victims of gender-identity bias” while another 30 people were victims of ” gender bias.” That is only 63 such crimes in the whole country of 330 million people. That’s just one reported crime for every 5 million people.

In her video, the self-proclaimed LGBT activist equated the transgender bathroom issue to the 1960s civil rights movement insisting, “these same things happened in the 1960s when black people wanted to use the same bathrooms as white people. They were assaulted, they were arrested, they were discriminated against.”

She then added about the fight over transgender bathrooms, “This is nothing different. History repeats itself.”

Walmart has remained silent on the transgender bathroom issue in a clear attempt to avoid the consumer boycott that hit rival retail chain Target over its pro-transgender bathroom policy. The boycott has spurred well over a million customers to sign a petition to avoid Target. By some accounts Target has lost several billion dollars in stock value over the last month.

Neither Walmart’s corporate offices nor Miss Toms responded to a request for comment on this story.

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