Homeless Sudanese Refugee Shot, Killed by Police After Allegedly Attacking Three at Gas Station

Video Shot
Video Shot

A homeless Sudanese refugee imported into Kelso, Washington, in 2013 was shot and killed by a police officer after he allegedly tried to rob a gas station and savagely attacked an attendant, customer, and responding officer with a walking stick.

Omer Ismail Ali allegedly attempted to shoplift from a Flying K gas station and convenience store on August 19, but the attending clerk told him to leave the store. Ali reportedly made a threat, and a police officer arrived shortly later to look at the surveillance footage.

Reportedly, Ali returned with a walking stick and began to beat the female clark with a long walking stick, before officer John Johnston pointed a weapon at him. Ali then turned away from his victim and advanced on Johnston, beating him with the stick, as well and pinning him in a corner. Surveillance footage then appears to show Johnston, lying on the floor, fire his weapon as Ali continued to beat him. Ali collapsed.


Johnston suffered arm and leg injuries, Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson said at a press conference addressing the shooting. He had been arrested the weekend before for driving a stolen rental car without a license, and released from the county jail two days before assaulting a clerk and cop.

The leftist press have ignored the story, but it is the latest in a series of refugees from the violent, Muslim-ruled countries attacking non-Muslim Americans. One of the most repulsive incidents occurred when Muslim refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho, participated in an anal and oral rape of a disabled little girl in June. They cornered her in a laundry room while the 14-year-old Sudanese coached the ten-year-old Sudanese, and seven-year-old Iraqi perpetrators stripped her naked, raped her, and urinated in her mouth and on her clothes as the oldest filmed it. Thanks to the U.S. government and businesses hungering for cheap labor, an Idaho father was forced to watch his tiny daughter raped and “totally defiled” by laughing, pointing Muslims.

In another case similar to Ali’s, a Sudanese refugee with a long criminal history also violently attacked a woman and cop with a flagpole in June before the officer shot him. He felt desperately alienated in the U.S. and wanted to return to Sudan to escape his life of “homelessness and alcoholism.”

Federal contractors, including many organizations who identify as Christian, receive large grants from the U.S. government to import refugees too troublesome even for nations with much more similar ethnic, tribal, cultural, and religious backgrounds to accept. Contractors do not keep track of the refugees’ locations and status after four months, essentially dumping total aliens into a nation extremely unlike their own and relying on taxpayers to foot the bill for their care.

Of the 100,000 refugees brought to the U.S. in 2014 alone, an estimated nearly 40 percent are Muslims. The Obama administration successfully imported its 10,000th “Syrian” refugee on Monday.