White House Senior Staff Hosts Gun Control Concert Participants

Valerie Jarrett/AP File Photo

On Friday, President Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and other senior White House senior staff hosted participants and musicians of a concert series promoting gun control.

The participants will be part of the September 25 Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. Breitbart News previously reported that the gun control concert series will feature events in 350 locations around the country, all aimed at ending gun violence via more gun control on law-abiding citizens. 

According to PRNewswire, in addition to Jarrett, other senior staff who met with concert participants “included Natalie Quillian, Advisor to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Chief of Staff, , the White House, Michael Bosworth, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President, the White House, Paulette Aniskoff, Director of the Office of Public Engagement, the White House, Bess Evans, Senior Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement, the White House.”

The senior staff and concert participants/musicians discussed “universal background checks” and other gun controls to “make it harder for kids, criminals, the dangerously mentally ill and terrorists from accessing guns without detection.”  It should be noted that Washington state–the site of September 23 mass public attack in city of Burlington–has “universal background checks.” California–the site of the December 2 firearm-based terror attack in San Bernardino that killed 14 persons–also has “universal background checks.” 

Nevertheless, Stop Handgun Violence founder John Rosenthal–who was also welcomed in by White House Senior Staff on September 23–said:

It’s a tremendous honor to be invited to the White House to celebrate the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence with the President’s special advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and senior staff. Gun violence in America is a public health epidemic that results in more than 90 deaths and 200 injuries every day and we’re in agreement with the President that all Americans need to hold every elected official accountable and mobilize to make gun violence prevention a major voting issue in November.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at awrhawkins@breitbart.com.