Arby’s Launches Venison Sandwich with Pro-Hunting Commercials

Arby’s Launches Venison Sandwich with Pro-Hunting Commercials

On Tuesday, the restaurant chain Arby’s — renowned for its roast beef — used pro-hunting commercials to launch a line of venison sandwiches in select markets.

The first commercial is titled “Hunting | Salad” and features beautiful shots of a forest in autumn; browning leaves falling to the ground, orange patterns marking the landscape above patches of grass that remain green in places.

As the camera pans across the forest, a narrator says:

The woods, they’re just a big salad when you think about it. And you’ve got to do what you do with any salad; grab a rifle and pick through all the leaves and green stuff to see if there’s any meat in there. Somewhere hidden under all this leafy green, there’s meaty gold.

The camera then zooms in on three Arby’s sandwiches sitting on a table in the middle of the woods.

There are four other Arby’s hunting commercials that will run as well, one of which talks about the “memories” that are formed in the pursuit of meats, be that pursuit “in the woods or on a sandwich.” Another of the commercials is titled “Whisper,” and it begins with the narrator saying, “This is what it’s all about, just you and your hunting squad and the forest teaming with meat potential: whether it’s winged, antlered, or finned. Arby’s supports your pursuit of meats.”

Fox News reports that Rob Lynch — Arby’s Brand President & Chief Marketing Officer — is confident “deer hunters are going to love this sandwich.” The restaurant chain’s new campaign, “It’s Meats Season,” is timed to coincide with the launch of fall deer season throughout the U.S.

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