Whoops: Elizabeth Warren Bashes Hillary Clinton Supporter

S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a campaign rally with democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at St Saint Anselm College on October 24, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire. With just over two weeks to go until the election, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in New Hampshire. …
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is smearing a Hillary Clinton supporter for mildly praising President-elect Donald Trump.

“Hedge fund managers like Whitney Tilson are thrilled by Donald Trump’s economic team of Wall Street insiders,” Warren scoffed on Facebook to some 2.5 million followers. “Tilson knows that, despite all the stunts and rhetoric, Donald Trump isn’t going to change the economic system – he’s going to tilt the playing field even further for those as the very top.”

But Tilson is a Democrat, a Wall Street hedge fund manager who donated to Hillary Clinton, fought to stop Donald Trump’s election, and even paid $1,000 to see Warren speak at a fundraiser, according to the New York Times.

“I’ve donated money to her, attended her events, and did everything in my power to stop Donald Trump,” Tilson says. “In addition, I agree with her 100 percent that large swaths of the financial industry have run amok and prey on vulnerable Americans, and thus strong regulation, including a muscular Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is sorely needed.” Warren also falsely accused Tilson of being a billionaire, according to the Times.

But after the Tilsons complained to the Senator, they were informed that she would not remove it from her page.

“She asked me to relay to you that she is removing the word ‘billionaire’ from the post, as you have indicated that is factually inaccurate,” an email from an aide replied. “The senator has decided, however, not to remove the overall post.”