Trump at Inaugural Balls: ‘Now the Work Begins … We Are Not Playing Games’


Donald Trump appeared at three inaugural balls to celebrate his supporters’ victory, and to promise a determined push for their shared campaign goals.

“Well, we did it,” he told a cheering crowd at his first speech, given at the Liberty Ball. He continued:

Now the work begins. There are no game, no games, right? We’re not playing games. I want to thank everybody. We love you. We’re going to be working for you, and we’re going to be producing results.

“Now the work begins,” he said at his second speech, given at the Freedom Ball.  “We did a good job together … there has never been a movement like this anywhere in the world,” he told his enthusiastic supporters. 

“We will not be taken advantage of anymore. We’re going to have those great companies come pouring back in,” Trump said. “We are not going to let you down. Remember the theme: Make America Great Again … greater than ever before — it will happen,” he said.

Trump also promised to keep Tweeting, saying:

Should I keep the Twitter going or not? Should I keep it going? …You know, the enemies keep saying ‘Oh no, that’s terrible.’ But it is a way of bypassing dishonest media, right?

The White House pool report said thousands of people attended both rallies.