Bureaucratic Traitors Seek to Undermine Donald Trump


Guerrilla Twitter accounts, private organizing meetings, and leaks to the press are all part of a growing group of bureaucratic dissenters in the federal government trying to undermine President Donald Trump’s administration, as the Washington Post details.

Here is a list of things that “the resistance” is doing:

  • career staff consulting with Obama-era appointees about how to fight Trump
  • leaking sensitive information about the workings of government to the press
  • setting up secret Twitter accounts: one account, @Rogue_DoD, has leaked Defense Department documents and opposition news
  • attending workshops and support groups about how to legally express civil disobedience.
  • slowing down their work
  • wearing Hillary T-shirts to work

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was asked about the vocal dissenters within the government on Monday. “I think that they should either get with the program or they can go,” he replied shortly.