VIDEO: Homeowner with Shotgun Lies in Wait for Intruders


Surveillance video of a foiled home invasion shows the homeowner lying in wait before springing into action and firing several rounds at the suspects.

The incident occurred last week in Dallas, Texas.

According to CBSDFW, homeowner Terry Morgan woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door just before 5 a.m. He looked at footage from his surveillance cameras and saw a female suspect knocking, then saw a male suspect who was holding what appeared to be an AK-style rifle.

Soon, a second male suspect appeared and Morgan watched him “struggle with a crow bar” to get the metal door open.

Morgan retrieved his shotgun and “crouched in his living room,” waiting for them to come through the door. He said, “I know that if they get in this house, I might not live to see that sun that’s coming up in a few hours. So immediately, I thought about survival.”


The suspects eventually noticed the security camera and moved around to a window, allegedly to see if it offered an entrance that was not under surveillance. Morgan thinks they heard him moving when they got to the window, realizing for the first time that someone was home.

The suspects allegedly “opened fire” at that point and Morgan threw upon the front door and began firing rounds from his shotgun in return.

“They’re coming like that cause they don’t care. So we have to stay ready as well,” Morgan said.

The suspects were able to climb into a getaway car and make an escape, but Morgan said he is “happy” because his surveillance footage “is going to allow [the suspects] to be put on the local news station.”

“They are being hunted down like fugitives,” he added.

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