Progressives Want to Talk Transgender Turkey

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Thanksgiving is for Turkey, thanks and family togetherness, not for politics or competing displays of moral superiority. But progressive groups, including Planned Parenthood, want Americans to talk up transgenderism around the turkey, so here are a few options for steering the conversation towards common sense.

Few Americans want to turn society’s rules upside-down just to satisfy the tiny percentage of people who think they are transgender, and most will openly side with common sense if you can show them that opposing transgenderism is the nicest, smartest, most decent and most generous thing to do.

Supporters of transgenderism tend to get their opinions via identity politics and will try to personalize everything. They often use anger and emotion to blackmail listeners — ‘Jack is a boy, so you can’t be mean to her!’ — as if personal stories and feelings should overwhelm science and common sense. That tactic often works, because most listeners want to be nice to Jill/Jack, and they really want to avoid getting caught in personalized conflicts.

Pro-transgender people believe boys can be girls because they want to feel generous and noble, not because of science or common sense.  But non-political people will stand up for common-sense — if not during the dinner, then a week, month or a year later — if they trust arguments which are correct and decent toward the wounded people who are trying the impossible task of changing their sex.

In a way, transgenderism is like anorexia. There is no point in yelling at a 100-pound person who thinks they are overweight, and it just makes listeners think you are unsympathetic and clumsy, even when you are clearly correct. Many young people are under intense pressure to lose weight so why be mean to the people who cannot balance the social pressure? Similarly, many people are under intense pressure to compete in the sexual marketplace, and if some young people desperately try to jump out of the competition by declaring themselves transgender, why be angry at their tragic desperation? Sympathy and clarity are effective also because most Americans know that Jack/Jill is clearly troubled and so needs wise support, not a return volley of contempt, anger, and cranberry spittle.

But the greatest problem facing the transgender activists is the slippery slope of their own claim that people can change their sex.

The slippery slope starts flat because a few unlucky people really do have mixed up genes and incomplete genitalia, making it difficult to determine if they are male or female. Those intersex people deserve accommodation, corrective surgery, the pronouns and compliments which they prefer, plus a few high-fives.

The slope then starts turning downwards because some people are convinced — sometimes after raising children, sometimes at a very early age — they want to live as members of the other sex. Their circumstances are tragic, but their numbers are very, very small — likely less than 1 in 300 people — and the civic cost of their cross-dressing is minor. In fact, Americans have already solved this crossdressing non-problem with their generous live-and-let-live culture of tolerance and good manners.

For example, few men ever notice women living as men, in part, because the testosterone hormone makes the women’s facial hair, hairline and bellies match those of men. Female hormones can’t shrink men’s bones, so most women quickly notice — and politely ignore — when a six-foot man walks into changing rooms while wearing a dress. In other interactions, awkward social moments are politely averted with a few comments about the weather or sports. Basically, there are so few cases of cross-dressing that almost no Americans need to change their attitudes and views.

But the slope suddenly got very steep once progressives created the new “Transgender Ideology” and began imposing that ideology on the 99.7 percent all of Americans who recognize the differences between male and female. Here’s what the ideology demands you believe:

People have a male or female biology, but they also have a male or female “gender identity” which is complely unconnected to their biology or even their choice of clothes, hairstyle and appearance.

Each person’s personal  “gender identity” — not their male or female biology — is the single factor in deciding a person’s legal sex.

So if a football linebacker in his workplace armor just says he has a female “gender identity,” he must be treated as a woman — and the government must penalize anyone who tries to keep him out of a woman’s shower room or even refers to him as ‘him.’ And if he decides one hour later that he has a mae “gender identity,” then everyone else must do a 180 and treat him as a man or face the anger of government.

The government, schools and media companies must sterilize society of any social rules, words and ideas which recognize that men and women, boys and girls are equal yet also different and complementary. So Bruce Jenner, surgically unmodified, gets appointed as a pinup ideal of female sexiness.

Anyone who disagrees with the sterilized “gender-neutral” society — and who prefers the fertile tw0-sex society — should be shamed, stigmatized, demoted, fired and punished as if she or he were an KKK Wizard or a Nazi Obergruppenfuhrer.

So what does the rapid expansion of this revolutionary Transgender Ideology mean for ordinary people?

It means that women and girls lose the right to exclude men from their bathrooms, changing roomsconcerts, colleges, Olympics, political groups and sports clubs.

It means women can’t escape from men because men can move into shelters for battered women, women’s changing rooms, and even into jails for women.

It means that women lose the ability to define themselves or promote their own cultural awards, preferences, ideals and ideas, because man declare themselves to be mothers, female fashion ideals, pinups, or lesbians.

It means that some men are women politicans.

It means girls have to stand on the lower steps of the podiums because men are applauded for winning first place in womens’ sports.

It means women soldiers must salute when laughing men walk into their showers, as dictated by their superior officers.

It means depressed or disturbed girls chop out their breasts, weaken their bones, and sterilize themselves because they are told they will be cured when people say they are men.

It means that young people who try to change their sex push themselves into a pitiable life of perpetual medical treatment, depressionsuicidal thoughtssocial rejection and romantic dead-ends because  their biology can’t be changed and everyone else prefers men who are men and women who are women.

It means that young women who decide to be young women again are ignored as they try to rebuild their scarred bodies and lives.

It means that girls can’t act like boys without whispers that they really should go under the knife to become boys.

It means children cannot avoid transgender proselytization in pre-schoolkindergartens, classrooms, sports, bathrooms, and libraries.

It means that men and women, boys and girls, lose the freedom to speak when they try to distinguish between male and female.

It also means boys can’t have their own hiking, wilderness survival and masculine clubs and groups.

It means that voters don’t get to vote on laws, but judges do.

It means that mothers and fathers are kept in the dark while transgenderism advocates and school principals brainwash children into life-changing surgery.

It means that parents lose the right to guard and guide — and even keeptheir young children.

It means that scientists and doctors who provide data about sex get punished, even if they are protected by university tenure.

It means citizens, comedians, professorsfeministsDemocrats, nurses, Christians, police, students, and young people are pressured to humiliate themselves by declaring in public that men and women, girls and boys, are supposedly identical, interchangable, empty fleshbots.

It means parentsstudents, journalists, sports commentators, clerics, professors, doctors and scientists are threatend if they try to say the obvious truth that women and men are made greater and more noble by combining their differences, even as they also are legally and social equal.

Amid this list of harms, you can still enjoy Thanksgiving because more and more Americans are recognizing that their friends and neighbors oppose the aggressive secular-theocracy of transgenderism.

Polls show the transgender ideology is unpopular, especially when imposed on children. Polls also show most Americans also have sympathy for transsexuals and will politely ignore their quiet use of single-sex bathrooms. In 2017, Obama admitted twice that his promotion of the ideology helped defeat Hillary Clinton. As Americans push back, sooner or later, progressive Democrats, judges, journalists — and Thanksgiving diners — will understand that the Transgender Ideology is civic and political self-mutilation.