Donald Trump: I Wanted a Win in Alabama, but a Lot of Republicans Are ‘Very Happy’ with Roy Moore’s Defeat

President Donald Trump restated his support for Roy Moore, the besieged Republican Senate candidate for the senate seat in Alabama.

President Donald Trump said he was disappointed by Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama, but that other Republicans were pleased that the controversial Senate candidate was not coming to Washington, DC.

“A lot of Republicans feel differently, they’re very happy about the way it turned out, but as the leader of the party, I would have liked to have this seat,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with House and Senate conference members, who are working to finish the tax cut bill before Christmas.

Trump said that he endorsed the Senate candidates that were running, putting his support for Moore in practical terms.

The president urged Congress to get the tax cuts passed quickly, and before Christmas, but not necessarily because they were losing a seat to Democrat Doug Jones in January.

He said that Moore’s loss would not affect his agenda going forward, but urged his supporters and the Republican party to come out strong in the midterms.

“We have to get more senators and more congressmen that are Republicans elected in ’18,” Trump said.

The president called his tax plan an important step for increasing jobs and improving the economy.