Wanna Meet Liam Neeson? Check Out eBay

Irish actor Liam Neeson is taking movie promotion to a new level, and he’s doing it with one eye on a worthy cause.

Neeson, the 50-something action hero behind “Taken” and the upcoming thriller “The Grey,” will be appearing on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Jan. 16 to talk up his newest film.

Liam Neeson The Grey

He’ll also use his time in New York City to meet with two lucky fans, or at least folks lucky enough to win the eBay auction surrounding his “Late Night” appearance.

The studio behind the film is auctioning off a celebrity meet and greet with Neeson in association with “The Grey,” which opens Jan. 27. According to eBay, the winner will get two greenroom guest passes plus seats at “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and be able to snap pictures with the burly Neeson.

As of 2 p.m. PST Tuesday, the bidding stands at $811.77, but who knows how high it will go from there?

The auction page includes the standard information, but you’ll also see a trailer for the film, its poster and other pertinent information. That makes it a savvy way for Neeson and co. to spread the word about their project in an unconventional fashion.

The stunt will make two film buffs happy, spread the word about the film and help fill the coffers at UNICEF Ireland, the recipients of the winning bid money.