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Israelis Averaged Two Online Orders Per Second Last Year

Israelis as a nation averaged two online orders per second during 2017, according to data from the Israel Postal Company, as they stepped up their online shopping habits in a bid to beat Israel’s high prices.

In this Dec. 2, 2013 file photo, employees organize outbound packages at an Fulfillment Center on "Cyber Monday" the busiest online shopping day of the holiday season, in Phoenix. Buying things online could soon get pricier for many people after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Monday, Dec. 12, …

Internet Association to Fight for Reinstating ‘Net Neutrality’

With the rollback of the Obama Administration’s Net Neutrality almost complete, the Internet Association issued a manifesto to the now Republican-dominated FCC stating they intend to fight to bring back politicized regulations they worked so hard to implement.

Net Neutrality protest (Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty)

Confederate Flags ‘Selling Like Crack’ on eBay

Confederate flags are “selling like crack” on eBay although the online auction giant announced it would “prohibit the sale” of the flags following the June 17 attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Vocativ reports that one seller–Paul Riley–sold enough

Confederate Flags for Sale Grace Beahm, AP

Teamsters’ Domino Effect Organizes Silicon Valley

The Teamsters Union, representing shuttle bus drivers for tech companies, have kicked up pay for drivers from $18 dollars an hour to $25 after signing contracts with Apple and other Silicon Valley companies, part of a “domino effect” to organize the tech sector.

Teamsters Hoffa (Phil McCarten / Reuters)

Apple’s H-1B Partner Banned for Underpaying Aliens

Two Silicon Valley companies that import foreign software engineers for Apple and other firmss were fined and banned from the controversial H-1B visa program for underpaying what are already cheap foreign tech workers.

The Associated Press

Hillary Clinton Confederate Flag Merchandise Surfaces on eBay

Hillary Clinton has managed to avoid any questions about the Confederate flag, even as her Republican rivals have faced a media onslaught since the murder of nine black congregants by a racist white gunman in a Charleston church last week. Vintage

Hillary Clinton Confederate flag (Screenshot / rocnydeals / eBay)

eBay May Dump 3,000 Jobs in PayPal Spin-off

Reports that eBay may lay off three thousand employees in preparation for its spin-off of PayPal should come as no surprise. For the last two years, the hot tech stock market eBay’s has gone went sideways. Despite its PayPal subsidiary

eBay May Dump 3,000 Jobs in PayPal Spin-off

Jesse Jackson Talks Diversity as Silicon Valley Outsources Jobs

Reverend Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH road show flew into Silicon Valley this week to chastise top tech corporations for being overly white and Asian males. Jackson, who was hosted by Intel Corporation at their Santa Clara campus,  lectured

Jesse Jackson Talks Diversity as Silicon Valley Outsources Jobs

UCLA Receives $10 Million Gift to Produce Left-Wing Films

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) film school has received a $10 million gift from Former EBay Inc. President Jeff Skoll to launch the Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment, “dedicated to promoting social change through entertainment and performing arts.”

UCLA Receives $10 Million Gift to Produce Left-Wing Films

Hewlett-Packard Plans Break-up from Strength

For the first two years after Meg Whitman became the crisis CEO at Hewlett-Packard (HP) in late 2011, she had tofight off investor pressure constantly to break-up the company by spinning off its consumer-driven personal computer and printer businesses to

Hewlett-Packard Plans Break-up from Strength

Pope's Skullcap Fetches $113,000 on Ebay

Pope Francis traded the white skullcap–or “zucchetto”–he was wearing for an identical one offered by one of the hosts of a variety-show who was present for his General Audience on Wednesday, Sept. 17. The Italian program “Le Iene” (The Hyenas)

Pope's Skullcap Fetches $113,000 on Ebay

Will Start-up 'Ello' Make Facebook take a Faceplant?

Social network newcomer Ello is an invite only service that wants to be the “Facebook Killer” by refusing to engage in any intrusive advertising and data mining.   Playing directly to tech hipsters, Ello’s front page states: “Your social network