Netflix, Hulu Keep Changing the Way We Watch TV

Director David Fincher and two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey are ready to change the way we think about Netflix – and the TV landscape at large.

Kevin SpaceyThe pair are teaming up for the new political thriller “House of Cards,” a 13-episode series created specifically for Netflix. Spacey will star and produce the show, while Fincher (“The Social Network”) will share producing credits and direct the pilot episode. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley announced today the show will start shooting in his state starting this spring.

The series is based on the novel and British miniseries of the same name dealing with political ambition and intrigue.

Media consumers won’t have to wait much longer to sample the kind of original fare Netflix has in mind as it broadens its content base.

Lilyhammer,” a mobster out of water series starring “The Sopranos'” Steven Van Zandt, will debut next month on Netflix. And starting Monday, people accessing Hulu and Hulu Plus can watch “Endgame,” that streaming service’s original series about a chess genius who solves crimes in an unorthodox fashion.

Our television world is changing faster that network executives – or anyone else, for that matter – can process. But it’s mostly good news for the consumer. For example, viewers will be able to watch the entire season of “Lilyhammer” at their convenience rather than waiting for a new episode each week.

More choices, more platforms and, let’s hope, more quality programming coming from new sources.