Obama to Hollywood: I Need You (Again)

The love between then-Sen. Barack Obama and the Hollywood elite was so deep Oscar winner Halle Berry proclaimed she would “collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”

Director Spike Lee insisted history would be measured in two distinct times – “Before Barack and After Barack.”


For 2012, said love may be on the rocks. Why else would Obama dispatch a key lieutenant to mend the fences torn down by three years of his administration in action?

President Barack Obama’s top Hollywood fundraiser has resigned the ambassadorship to the Bahamas and returned to Los Angeles in the hopes of patching up the incumbent president’s battered relationship with the entertainment industry, The Hollywood Reporter has learned….

Sources told THR that Obama’s reelection campaign plans to use Avant as one of its top liaisons to the entertainment community.

These sources characterize the relationship between the Obama administration and Hollywood as tense and troubled, even though all of the president’s fundraisers in town have sold out and have been attended by a diverse array of industry leaders.

The bottom line, beyond the millions celebrities will undoubtedly deposit into Obama’s re-election war chest, is two fold. One, the irony of the Occupy-loving President pandering to the millionaire celebrity set is palpable. More importantly, Obama recognizes the value of having the entertainment community on his side.

Yes, those gaudy campaign checks certainly help, but even more effective are the constant pro-Obama, anti-conservative messages filtered into the content we see, hear and consume every day.

This spring’s “Butter” will only be the beginning.