New Sci-Fi Comedy Features Sarah Palin as President

Here we go again.

Conservatives are still reeling from the heavy handed treatment Sarah Palin received in HBO’s “Game Change” trailer. Now, a new science fiction comedy uses a Palin impersonator (Stephanie Paul) to play the U.S. president dealing with an invading army of … Nazis.

[youtube Py_IndUbcxc nolink]

Any chance Palin is depicted as a strong, effective leader fighting back the new Nazi scourge?

The year is 2018, and the Nazis apparently have been biding their time on a moon base waiting to strike … again. “Iron Sky’s” campy elements are crystal clear. What remains to be seen is the kind of fun the story will have mocking the Palin stand-in.

An early review of the film suggests the Palin cracks have all the subtlety of a Gallagher watermelon skit.

The Finnish production cost $10 million – chump change by U.S. movie standards but a princely sum for that country’s film industry. The movie’s director, Timo Vuorensola, had this to say about the film’s overriding theme:

I hope the movie’s antifascist message will resound with audiences.

Does he mean the fascist Nazis? Or the Palin-esque character?