Welcome to China!: White House Gives Hollywood Another Reason to Make Bad Movies

Welcome to China!: White House Gives Hollywood Another Reason to Make Bad Movies

With last year’s domestic box office returns in the dumps, this is great news for an industry that has no desire to change its ways, and most certainly no desire to make the kinds of films that will appeal to a broader spectrum of Americans — that majority that does not share Hollywood’s leftist politics.

Not only will these new Chinese markets help to offset plummeting DVD sales and stagnant box office revenues, but because the Communist Chinese have the final say over the content Hollywood produces, the industry will now have another excuse to create godless, liberty-opposing propaganda that prays to the almighty totalitarian state.

The Wrap:

China agreed to significantly increase market access for U.S. movies in order to resolve an outstanding trade dispute, The White House announced on Friday.

The concession comes as part of an attempt to resolve outstanding issues related to films after the United States won in a World Trade Organization dispute last year.

“The agreement announced today will allow significantly more job-supporting U.S. film exports to China and provide fairer compensation to U.S. film producers for the movies being shown there,” the White House said.

The Motion Picture Association praised the agreement as one that would allow 50% more U.S. films in the Chinese market, and noted the following concessions:

>>China will permit 14 premium format films (IMAX, 3D) to be exempt from the 20 film import quota, which remains in place

>>The box office share US studios earn under the master contract increases to 25% from 13%

Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the MPAA issued a statement Friday night: 

“This landmark agreement will return a much better share of the box office revenues to U.S studios, revising a two-decade-old formula that kept those revenues woefully under normal commercial terms, and it will put into place a mechanism that will allow over 50% more U.S. films into the Chinese market.”

This is a total win-win for Hollywood, but — and this is important — it’s also a win for the burgeoning film movement eager to capture the hundred million Americans much of Hollywood chooses to either ignore or insult.