Box Office Predictions: 'Lorax' To Corner 'John Carter?'

Box Office Predictions: 'Lorax' To Corner 'John Carter?'

Look at us all upgraded with Big Hollywood’s new look . Feels like moving into a new apartment, only you still get to enjoy the same great community.

Last week was an easy one for Sensei as his pick “Lorax” easily topped the weekend. This weekend is quite the opposite where a number of things could occur at the top.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. The Lorax ($38 Million) – After a huge opening, the film dropped more in line with previous animated features like “Rio” during the week. A surge from younger audiences this weekend will give it enough to hold the top spot.

2. John Carter ($29 Million) – Having seen the film, the curiosity factor is there for sci-fi audiences to try and approach a “Tron Legacy”-like opening. Marketing on this film has been atrocious though, so sadly a “Prince Of Persia”-like opening looks more realistic. The real key to this film’s success will have to be word of mouth going forward.

3. Silent House ($10.3 Million) – Having the film shot in one continuous shot is quite impressive, and the film does look well designed around upstart Elizabeth Olsen. The problem is that the timing isn’t the strongest for a horror film.

4. Project X ($10 Million) – As is the case with these type of projects, look for a considerable drop the second weekend.

5. Act Of Valor ($6.8 Million) – This film already recovered its production costs and will once again place in the top five. Film is also one of the most profitable films ever distributed by Relativity Media.

In other calls: Look for Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” to open poorly around 5.4 Million.

Sensei predicts using his head, but his heart would love to see “John Carter” win over “Lorax.”