Actor Modine Defends Racist Wright, Bully Savage

Actor Modine Defends Racist Wright, Bully Savage

Actor Matthew Modine once hoped we could just sit down with Osama bin Laden and find out why he was so darn angry with us.

So perhaps it’s not surprising to see Modine defending a racist like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and bullying sex columnist Dan Savage on Twitter – while bashing Mitt Romney as a racist sans proof.

Breitbart News’ own Ben Shapiro started the Twitter ball rolling by asking whether President Barack Obama would reject the bullying tactics of Savage.

That didn’t sit well with the liberal Modine, and the social media conversation quickly expanded to include Rev. Wright. The good reverend was simply describing America’s past racial sins when he said all those incendiary things about the U.S., according to the star of “Birdy” and “Full Metal Jacket.”

Guess Modine wasn’t aware of Rev. Wright’s more recent declarations.

President Obama long ago threw the reverend under the bus. Why won’t Modine do the same?