'The Lucky One' – Proving Women Want Strong, Respectful Men, Not Metrosexuals

'The Lucky One' – Proving Women Want Strong, Respectful Men, Not Metrosexuals

Where have all the real men gone? They are still out there, only the modern liberal woman has been trained to look away.

In his latest novel-turned-film “The Lucky One,” author Nicholas Sparks delivers the epitome of masculinity–a Marine–to remind us that chivalry isn’t dead.

Can I get an “Amen”?

Since the late 1960s political correctness has tried to neuter men to the point that the lines between males and females became blurred. We’ve been emasculating men for so many years that it is no wonder most women wouldn’t recognize a decent man if he held the door open for her.

I’ve got something to say to the women’s rights movement in this country: “Cut the crap ladies, we want our men back.”

I think there have been many great things to come out of the movement, however failing to recognize the inherent differences between the sexes and their roles in society is a mistake. Give me Ronald Reagan galloping on a horse any day over a helmeted President Obama riding a bike in mom jeans. I can’t believe there are women that find that even remotely sexy.

It is my belief that a real man should smell like gasoline, sawdust, wood smoke and/or cordite every so often.

Enter “The Lucky One.”

The film features Logan Thibault, played by Zac Efron, a Marine who returns home from Iraq after his third tour of duty. He attributes his survival to a good luck charm – a picture of a woman he found after a deadly night raid. Logan is determined to find this guardian angel and thank her. He sets out with his magnificent German Shepherd, Zeus, eventually finding Beth (Taylor Schilling). Before he finds the words to explain himself, he ends up getting hired by her grandmother to help run her kennel which needs some love and attention.

Logan offers Beth support and protection; something she never received from her ex-husband, the father of her only son.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Efron grew up and delivered an endearing and passionate performance. Even though the love scenes raised the temperature in the theater a bit, nothing was sexier than watching Efron’s character render his antagonist impotent by stripping him of his gun, dropping the magazine and handing it back to him, unloaded, in a matter of seconds.

I’d say all that military training and weight gain paid off. Throughout the film, Efron’s character displays the traits that make women’s toes curl. I know that many women don’t like to admit it, but deep down we want men who are not afraid to get dirty, know how to keep calm under pressure, show respect and (did I mention) make our toes curl?

I recently came across a guy who couldn’t drive a stick shift. What is the world coming to? My husband once told me a saying from the Marine Corps: “Be polite, be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” I’m not advocating murder, but it sure is nice to know that your man can survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

This is the second time I took a chance on a Sparks romance and was not let down. On the advice of a friend, my husband and I went to see “Dear John” two years ago. Having an autistic child, we were drawn in by the autism sub plot but left with a good feeling that Sparks respects our military–not something you see too often in Hollywood.

The main character, played by Channing Tatum, displays an admirable level of honor and integrity that is only seen in real men. I didn’t want to push my luck with another chick flick, so when “The Lucky One” came out, I asked one of my best girl friends to join me. Needless to say, we both walked away a little flushed.

Recently, I read an article by a man who was trying to redefine masculinity. The author explained that he didn’t like beer, guns, or sports; nor does he have a desire to fix or build anything. I sure hope this guy isn’t successful because no matter how modern or liberal a woman thinks she is, she is never going to be happy with him. No way. No how. We want a man who can fix stuff. Just ask the writers of “Mad Men.” Why else would they have Don Draper rip off his button down shirt to fix a sink in the middle of a dinner party? I don’t think the women were acting when they collectively gasped.

Ladies, if you don’t think you can get your man to commit to a night out to see “The Lucky One,” sweeten the deal with a promise to buy him a Blu-Ray copy of “Act of Valor.” For all the men out there who still know how to build a fire, throw a punch, and know when it is okay to kiss woman, please be sure to pass it on.

We’re counting on you to keep this thing going.