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Does this Obama Appointee Believe Children's Vaccines Cause Autism?

Did you know your recent appointee to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, Peter Bell of Autism Speaks, has a long history of supporting pseudo-science that can harm children? It’s true; Autism Speaks’ Executive Vice President of Programs

Jenny McCarthy: When Celebrity Advocacy Turns Deadly

Jenny McCarthy has really done it this time. This is much worse than pretending to eat her own vomit or faking orgasms. When she became one of the most vocal opponents of the CDC, she became party to what amounts

'God's Ears' Review: Indie Gold

Can an autistic boxer and an exotic dancer live happily ever after? It’s not that easy. And thank goodness, God’s Ears doesn’t portray it that way. God’s Ears represents the independent filmmaker at his finest. Michael Worth went “all in”

Hollywood Feminism: Celebrity Nipple Nazis

In case you missed it, August was “National Breastfeeding Month.” I find it incredible that so many celebrity moms banded together to tell women how to raise their babies and no one really took notice. We should be thankful that

WE LOVE PIXAR: Incredible Ideas at Work In 'The Incredibles'

“They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity.” – Bob Parr/ Mr. Incredible Children across America are getting awards. All the time. These accolades are not for academic excellence or superior athletic achievements. They are receiving certificates and applause for

Sebelius Appoints the $600,000 Woman Federal Autism Panel

This post has been updated from its original version. Just the other day, President Obama said: “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” I wonder how he would feel about Geraldine Dawson. If the President is so concerned with

Autism Needs Progress, Not Self-Obsessed Celebrities

For three years now the autism community has declared April Autism Awareness Month and Friday, April 2nd was World Autism Day. I turned on the TV to see how the mainstream media would advance the autism conversation. To my disappointment

Culture of Cruelty: When Hollywood Attacks Mentally Disabled Children

Last year, President Obama attempted a self-deprecating joke on The Tonight Show, when he compared his notoriously bad bowling skills to the Special Olympics. The disability community demanded an apology and the President delivered one to Tim Shriver, Chairman of